Yellowjackets: Simone Kessell Takes Fans on a Crazy Journey with Lottie Matthews

Yellowjackets: Simone Kessell Takes Fans on a Crazy Journey with Lottie Matthews

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Yellowjackets: Simone Kessell Takes Fans on a Crazy Journey with Lottie Matthews
Source: Deadline

Yellowjackets, the critically acclaimed drama series on Showtime, is back with its second season. Yellowjackets’ fans who had been eagerly waiting for the return of the adult Lottie Matthews were finally introduced to her in the season 2 premiere. Simone Kessell, who essays the role of Lottie Matthews, talks about her character in a recent interview with Deadline.

The woo-woo spiritual leader enjoys expensive things, and she also buries live people in the name of good health. Simone Kessell describes Lottie’s trajectory, along with whether she genuinely believes all the new age-y stuff as an adult.

Simone Kessell reveals to Deadline that Lottie’s community is a place of sanctuary healing, love, and life, unlike communal living. She adds that Lottie has taken all the wonderful parts of cults and communities and merged them into her community. Lottie’s unique teachings help people work through past pain and trauma. Simone Kessell emphasizes how Lottie has had an abundance of pain and trauma in her past, and with that, she’s “all in.”

Further in the interview, Simone Kessell reveals that Lottie has something to do with Natalie’s kidnapping. She also teases about the fate of the buried naked guy, saying the premiere episode leads to episode 2, where viewers will see different therapies that Lottie’s community offers.

Simone Kessell’s portrayal of Lottie is impressive and has been garnering attention ever since the show premiered. She credits the show creators for letting her go with it and bring Lottie’s character with this love and light since Lottie is a showwoman. Kessell mentions that Lottie is a slow burn throughout the season, and viewers will see layers peel away until the very end.

The anticipated Yellowjackets return delivers a rollercoaster ride of shock, mystery, and suspense with its unique storytelling style. The show and its characters have already hooked audiences and will surely continue to take them on a crazy journey.

Title: Simone Kessell on Yellowjackets’ Crazy Trajectory with Lottie Matthews

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Ref: ‘Yellowjackets’: Simone Kessell Explains Why Adult Lottie Buries A Man Alive In The Premiere – Deadline

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