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Steven Seagal, known for his roles in movies like “Under Siege,” has been awarded the Order of Friendship medal in Russia. The action movie star has been a vocal supporter of the Russian government and was named the Russian Foreign Ministry’s special representative for Russian-American humanitarian relations in 2018.

Left: Vladimir Putin, Right: Steven Seagal, Picture Courtesy: CNN

The actor’s connection to Russia comes from his family roots. His father was pure Russian and he grew up in a household immersed in Russian culture. Seagal has said he is a “Russophile” and loves everything about Russia, learning about the country from an early age.

Seagal accused the United States government of spending “billions of dollars on disinformation, lies” to try to discredit, demoralize, and destroy the morale of Russia. He believes that over half of the American people love Russia and Russians and know that they are being lied to.

The actor also defended Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying he is one of the greatest world leaders in the world and has been unfairly accused of meddling in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Seagal’s connection with Russia has not been without controversy; he was banned from Ukraine and deemed a threat to national security.

Many people find Seagal’s loyalty towards Russia puzzling and are critical of his perceived support for Russia’s actions. The fact remains that for many Russians, Seagal is their favorite Hollywood actor, and his extensive martial arts skills, which are prominently featured in his movies, are particularly popular.

Steven Seagal’s story is a unique one, and it offers an insightful peek into Russia’s fascination with Hollywood celebrities. While the political ideologies may differ, it’s fascinating to observe this mutual appreciation for art and culture between Russia and Hollywood.

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