Ricky Martin accused of "Sex and Romantic Relationship" with nephew

Victim is Dennis Yadiel Sanchez son of Ricky's sister Vanessa Martin. 

The Victim

Nephew has accused Ricky for incest and abuse made in domestic violence. 

The Allegations

Ricky Martin (50) and Sanchez (21) were in incestuous relationship for last 7 months.

The Relationship

Ricky denies the allegations, calling them "completely false and fabricated"

Ricky's Take

Livin, Ricky's lawyer says Martin never had "any sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew."

Ricky's Lawyer

Lawyer also claims that the accuser is struggling with deep mental health challenges.

Lawyer Adds Up

A domestic violence-related restraining order was filed against Martin in Puerto Rico earlier this month.

The Orders

Hearing has been set for July 21st in Puerto Rico.

The Hearing

Under Puerto Rican Law, if Martin is found guilty of charges, he could face upto 50 years in prison for "Incest Charges."

The Consequences