Rare 'Unicorn Cat' Found at Rescue Center in Colorado


A male calico cat has been discovered in Colorado, which is an extremely rare occurrence 

The kitten was discovered by a volunteer at a foster-focused rescue named NoCo Kitties 

The kitten was nicknamed "Unicorn" due to its rarity, as male calicos are often called "unicorn cats."

Calicos are known for their tricolor tortoiseshell coats, and they are almost exclusively female due to the genetic determination of their coat colors 

Male calicos can be born due to a genetic condition called Klinefelter Syndrome, which makes them XXY and allows them to develop the characteristic calico coats 

Male calicos may also arise as a result of chimerism, which is when the cells within a single individual have different genetic codes, or due to random mutations of the skin cells 

NoCo Kitties plans to hold a fundraiser for the adoption of the kitten, named Unicorn, to ensure it goes to the best home rather than the highest bidder 

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