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MILIA: Types Cause Prevention

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Causes of Milia 

small cysts that form when dead skin cells get trapped under your skin.

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Why do the happen?

1. They happen for no real reason. 2. After your skin has been damaged in some way.

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Primary Milia: That happen for No Reason

Occurs Spontaneously Often on Eyelids, Forehead, Cheeks or Genitals These type of Milia clear up on their own in few months. 

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Secondary Milia: That happen After Skin Damage

Caused by skin damage like Injury or Rashes, Sun Exposure, Heavy Skincare Products. Occur in the location where the skin is damaged. May be Permanent.

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How to Get Rid of Milia

OTC Exfoliating Products Topical Retinoid Prescriptions Manual Extractions


Primary Milia: can't be prevented Secondary Milia:  protect skin from excessive sunlight and irritating skincare products.

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Exfoliate Regularly to help clear away dead Skin cells.