Johnny Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez saves man's life mid-flight

For once more saving the life of an old man at almost 40,000 feet in the air, Camille Vasquez, attorney for Johnny Depp, is receiving praise online.

Dundas News

Earlier this week, she hurried to help a guy in his 70s who fainted and banged his head while on an American Airlines trip from Los Angeles to New York.

Dundas News

The event happened mid-flight as the man passed Vasquez and her security.

When flight attendants asked for help, the lawyer immediately left her seat to assist the ailing man.

Fellow passengers told the publication that Vasquez even called her brother-in-law, a physician, to consult him about the situation.

The latter guided the lawyer on the necessary steps to check if the man had suffered a cardiac arrest or if he had a brain bleed during the process.

Vasquez’s bodyguard continued to monitor the man’s heart rate with his Apple watch before surgeons arrived and took over.

One of the flight attendants reportedly called Vasquez a “wonder woman,” and gifted her two bottles of merlot and champagne as a display of gratitude.

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