Google honours Holocaust victim Anne Frank with a doodle

Who was Anne Frank?

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She was the German-Dutch diarist who became one of the most famous victims of the Holocaust after her diary was published as The Diary of a Young Girl posthumously on June 25, 1947

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt, Germany, but her family soon moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands

To escape the increasing discrimination and violence faced by millions of minorities at the hands of the growing Nazi party.

After millions of Jews were forced to flee their homes or go into hiding, Anne’s family went into hiding in 1942, in a secret annex in her father’s office building to avoid persecution.

Over the following 25 months in hiding, Anne wrote a heartfelt account of teenage life in the secret annex

On August 4, 1944, the Frank family was found out by the Nazi Secret Service, arrested, and taken to a detention centre where they were forced to perform hard labour.

Although Anne Frank did not survive the horrors of the Holocaust, her account of those years, commonly known as The Diary of Anne Frank, has since become one of the most widely read works of non-fiction ever published

Google is paying tribute to Anne Frank, the teen diarist, who died in 1945 during the Holocaust, through a series of animated pictures as a slideshow.

“Although only written between the ages of 13-15, her personal account of the Holocaust and events of the war remains one of the most poignant and widely-read accounts to date,” Google wrote.