Inside look

Inside look

Inside look

Inside look


7 Easy Tips to Make Room Look Bigger

For Optimum effect go with soft tones like off-white, blues and greens and always remember that brighter rooms feelbigger and more inviting. 

Use Contrasts and Light Colors that make rooms look bigger

Use large windows to bring in Natural Light, but if you don't have it in your room, add some creative effects using lighting fixtures.

Open your space with creative Lighting

Tidy and Organized room looks orderly and open. You can Keep things neatly arranged or out of sight and have minimalism on your walls.

Cut the Clutter

The Star of the space whcih draws attention. Make one area or feature in your space like fireplaces, Large art or a window with breathtaking view.

Create a Focal Point

Angle your mirrors towars focalpoint to give an illusion of depth or use mirrors on walls ans glass table tops.

Use Mirrors

Choose a sofa and chairs with open arms and legs which allows light to filter under the furniture, making room appear airier.

Get Creative with Furniture

 Scale your furniture to fit the size  of the room. place large furniture against the wall to maximize the open space.

Maximize your room arrangement