UN Chief Warns of 'Catastrophic Conflagration' in Sudan: Foreign Exodus Accelerates

UN Chief Warns of ‘Catastrophic Conflagration’ in Sudan: Foreign Exodus Accelerates

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UN Chief Warns of 'Catastrophic Conflagration' in Sudan: Foreign Exodus Accelerates
Source: Reuters

The ongoing conflict in Sudan has escalated to dangerous levels, with at least 427 people killed and hospitals and residential areas turned into war zones. As foreign nations have been racing to extract their citizens from the country, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warns of a possible “catastrophic conflagration” that could engulf the region and beyond. Several countries have halted embassy operations until further notice. According to reports, tens of thousands of people from Sudan and neighbouring countries have fled the conflict. The UN urges the members of the Security Council to intervene and help bring Sudan back to the path of democratic transition. This insurgency has brought Sudan back to the brink of collapse; however, governments offering immediate support to the Sudanese citizens and industrial economy could help bring back much needed stability in the region.

The catchy title for this blog post could be “Sudan Crisis Escalates: UN Chief Urges Security Council To Intervene As Foreign Exodus Accelerates.”

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