Train Derailment and Fire Reported in Rockwood, Maine

Train Derailment and Fire Reported in Rockwood, Maine

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Train Derailment and Fire Reported in Rockwood, Maine
Source: CNN

On Saturday, a train derailment occurred near Rockwood, Maine, causing a large fire that caught the attention of local officials. Despite concerns with hazardous materials, officials say that the train cars that derailed and caused the fire were not carrying hazardous materials. The carts that were carrying hazardous goods were not affected by the derailment and the fire, according to a spokesperson for the Canadian Pacific Kansas City rail network. It seems the derailment was caused by a washout of ice and debris on the tracks, which is not that uncommon.

Thankfully, officials at the scene have deemed the hazardous materials safe and not at risk of leaking, which eliminates any threat to the public. However, three railroad employees suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the derailment and were taken to a nearby hospital.

The derailment occurred around 8:30 AM on Saturday when the train encountered a track washout in a rural wooded area. The locomotive engines and six rail cars that derailed were carrying lumber and electrical wiring, which caused the fire and a small forest fire. The good news is the fire is now contained and being monitored by local emergency first responders, according to the Maine Forest Service.

Even though there was no threat to public safety, Maine Governor Janet Mills tweeted that her office would continue to monitor the situation closely. Additionally, the Canadian Pacific Kansas City rail network combines railways from Canada and the US to create “the first single-line railway connecting Canada, the U.S., and Mexico,” according to a press release. They are the only railway that connects North America and has unparalleled port access around the continent.

In conclusion, we can say that the situation is under control, and officials need to continue assessing the railroad tracks and other infrastructure for any potential hazards. As the rail network grows, we need to be more vigilant and take more preventative measures to ensure the safety of not only the railway employees but also the people in the surrounding areas.

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