The tropical cyclone is preparing to take shape at the Caribbean Sea could hit Florida next week

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Cyclone will turn to major hurricane

The tropical cyclone is preparing to take shape at the Caribbean Sea, which will hit the areas of Florida Peninsula, the place is at the crosshairs of a cyclone. The experts say the cyclone will turn to major hurricane, and it is near the Sunshine State. The forecasters gave warning of rapid intensification that will toss up into a major hurricane.

At 5 p.m. Friday, the cyclone is moving at west-northwest, at the speed of 35-mph winds, on Friday 5 p.m disturbance has been scene, which is called Tropical Depression Nine, it is gaining strength, and it is expected that it will take shape. It is approaching western Cuba, it will reach Gulf of Mexico on Monday before  it will begins to gorge on the 83- to 85-degree.

Due to cyclone warning the emergency is declared for 24 counties, the warning has been given for Tropical Depression 9. Gov. Ron DeSantis declared State of emergency.

The experts are trying to find that where it will take shape, and when it will happen, National Hurricane Center meteorologists, said the track forecast came on Friday, from the eastern Gulf of Mexico to east of Miami, this will change significantly depends upon the speed of the tropical cyclone.

The Tropical Depression 10 is upgraded in the hurricane center, the hurricane is off the coast of Africa and expected to disappear fast. The Tropical Storm Hermine is expected to come at 5 p.m Friday.

The cyclone might turn Category 3 hurricane for Florida

Experts gave the warning of Tropical Depression, and it is expected it will turn to Category 3 hurricane that will hit Florida. The Friday track will turn to Category 3 winds, its speed is recorded at 115-mph, it is expected that it center will be approaching Sarasota at a very high speed.

After the Tropical storm warning the winds can be seen at the Palm Beach County, from Tuesday afternoon into evening. The southwest coast can feel winds of 39 mph, which will increase on Tuesday morning to higher winds.

State of emergency

The Gov. Ron DeSantis declared state of emergency at Palm Beach County, Martin and St. Lucie, and for 24 counties. The effects can be seen at the far center, not just down the center the storm can go anywhere.

 “The environment is going to start to change late in the weekend, and Monday it will intensify a lot more quickly,” Kimberlain said. “It will be favorable for rapid intensification.”

Rapid intensification means when speed of cyclone grow by 35 mph in 24 hours of less. It will turn to Catergory 4 from Catrgory 1 storm in a day. This is new technology that we can talk about the intensification because it is unheard  10 years before.

Brad Reinhart said, it is a need of rapid intensification because the cyclone will cross the northwestern Caribbean Sea, NHC intensity forecast is updated changed from the previous one.

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