The storm located 400 miles warning for South Texas and Mexico

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The storm located 400 miles south-southeast

The storm warning issued from Port Mansfield, it’s a tropical storm, the warning means winds of at least 40 mph. According to National Hurricane Center it a Potential Tropical Four Hurricane, its located 400 miles south-southeast of the mouth of the Rio Grande. Tropical storm warnings have been issued for a stretch of the lower Texas Gulf Coast and part of Mexico’s northeast shoreline amid forecasts.

The National Hurricane Center prior to name the Hurricane, it uses cyclone designation, and the centre issue the warning for the potential tropical cyclone.

“The Hurricane Center has given storm warnings, for portions of the coasts of northeastern Mexico and South Texas”. The centre in its forecast discussion, said in less than 36 hours, the storm will make landfall, the advisories are given by the centre.

Expectation of heavy rainfall

According to the centre, the heavy rainfall is expected in northeastern Mexico and extreme southern Texas. Up to eight inches of rainfall is possible in Mexico, and in South Texas one to three inches of rainfall is predicted.

Centre predict the flooding on Friday and Saturday at the moderate level at the Southwest desert area, extreme rainfall is expected. The total amounts of storm are expected at 5 to 6 inches, it would be poignant rainfall in parts of southeast Arizona into southwest New Mexico.

The Flood warning are given to 10 million people, the censure  to Southwest, including Tucson, Phoenix, Albuquerque, and El Paso, through Saturday.

Storms in the afternoon and early evening

Zack Taylor senior at Weather Prediction Center, the remnants of a tropical wave currently over northern Mexico immerse within the larger-scale monsoon. The timing of the storms is different, specifically the monsoon storms, comes in the afternoon and early evening. The storms will occur Friday overnight and early Saturday morning.

There would be impact on the rivers, and streams in the area, would be flash flooding short term and influence on the rivers long term. The concern is flash flooding, the rivers would be at significant flows by Monday, according to senior meteorologist.

It would be increase in flash flooding, in these areas Lubbock, Texas, to Shreveport, Louisiana. The rain will spread into Texas.

 Rainfall helping drought, not sufficient

The rainy season leads to superficial improvement at the desert Southwest, which is not known wet part of the country. The drought place is facing water crisis, the place needs rain, but it do not appear favorable.

The place those needs water are California, Nevada, Oregon, and northern Utah. The concern is the rainfall in not expected in these areas. Meanwhile improvements are noted this week, specifically in the areas of Arizona, after enlarge period of serious drought , the heavy rains have precipitated.

Some areas of west had the good amount of rainfall, but about 70% of the West is still in drought, the experts has seen improvement in two states, Arizona and New Mexico. These two places had good amount of rainfall.

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