"The Scandalous Tom Sandoval Affair: Excuses and Narcissism at Its Finest"

“The Scandalous Tom Sandoval Affair: Excuses and Narcissism at Its Finest”

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Source: Daily Beast

Tom Sandoval, a cast member of the hit TV show Vanderpump Rules, has finally addressed the cheating scandal that rocked the Bravo show six weeks ago. The revelation that he cheated on his girlfriend of nine years, Ariana Madix, with fellow cast member Raquel Leviss, caused every current and former cast member to share their side of the story. However, Sandoval’s attempt at an explanation during his interview with Howie Mandel was nothing short of narcissistic.

Sandoval claims he and Madix had been leading separate lives, lacking intimacy and connection leading to their relationship becoming more like best friends or family. He went as far as to compare their relationship to that of Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump, who he says don’t have sex all the time. Sandoval even made excuses for himself, saying he had porn as a means of his sexual release. All of this shows a complete lack of empathy for Madix’s feelings, who was in love with him and didn’t deserve to be treated with such disrespect.

Sandoval’s behavior towards Leviss after “the magnetically charged first kiss” only gets worse. They continued to see each other without Madix noticing, and he even claimed to have planted the seeds of breaking up with Madix subliminally in couple’s therapy. When Madix discovered the affair, Sandoval told her they had broken up already, which was a lie to cover his tracks.

This situation proves that Sandoval is in the ultra-late stage of narcissism. He puts his self-interest ahead of everything else, even when it means emotionally crushing someone he has been with for nine years. In conclusion, Sandoval’s attempt to justify his egregious behavior and cover for himself was nothing short of a classic case of narcissism.

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