The Most Impactful First-Round Picks in Broncos' Draft History

The Most Impactful First-Round Picks in Broncos’ Draft History

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The Most Impactful First-Round Picks in Broncos' Draft History
Source: Mile High Report

The Denver Broncos have had some iconic first-round picks since their inception in 1960. Like every other team, some of their first-round picks have had an immeasurable impact on their franchise’s success. In hindsight, with the 2023 NFL Draft just a few days away, Mile High Report took a trip down memory lane to rank some of the most impactful first-round picks in Broncos’ Draft history. Since their inaugural year, the Denver Broncos have picked up some remarkable players in the first round such as Floyd Little, Randy Gradishar, Steve Atwater, Von Miller, and Patrick Surtain.

Floyd Little should be considered the most important player since he brought the team to Denver and was the first-ever Hall of Famer for the franchise. Gradishar’s overall dominance played an instrumental role in building the Orange Crush defense that became the backbone of a finally-winning franchise. Atwater is also a strong contender for this ranking since he was the only deserving player during the 80s defenders. Mobley might not have the star power of others, but he is responsible for making sure John Elway got his first Super Bowl win.

The Broncos’ best defense ever was due to Von Miller’s dominant leadership in the 2015 season. Lastly, although it might be early to rank Surtain as the most impactful player yet, his trajectory can land him on this list. The franchise’s architect George Paton has successfully drafted some fantastic players and can continue to improve Denver’s NFL history.

As the 67th pick, the Denver Broncos ‘ plan for the 2023 draft is to have a clear vision instead of being close-minded. Despite having few picks, the team is determined to make the most of this draft. GM George Paton confirmed that running back Javonte Williams is still on track to play during the 2023 season after his ACL injury. In addition, in a hypothetical re-draft, John Elway was unanimously chosen in the first overall pick of the 1983 Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

In other NFL news, Denver Broncos Cheerleaders call-out time! Have you ever taken a football knowledge assessment compared to a cheerleader? Neither have we. Dane Brugler from The Athletic ranks his top 300 NFL Draft prospects. The New York Jets and Green Bay Packers have recently re-engaged in trade talk surrounding quarterback Aaron Rodgers, according to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport. Finally, Dave Ziegler, the Raiders’ general manager, said that the team hasn’t closed the door on drafting a QB to compete with Jimmy Garoppolo.

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