The Grammy winner Shakira might face 8 years in lock-up for tax fraud.

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Biography of Pop Star Shakira

Shakira, in full Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, (born February 2, 1977, Barranquilla, Colombia), Colombian musician who had fortune with both languages Spanish- and English, she got surprising success in  markets and in the year 2000 was one of the most successful Latin American Musician

Shakira, was born to Lebanese father and a native Colombian mother, she begin belly dancing at an early age and when she was ten she started writing songs and took part in many competitions. She got her first deal with Sony Corp it was a help by theatre producer. In 1990 she signed a record deal, Her first two albums, Magia (1991) and Peligro (1993), were only moderately successful, however. She took break from recording songs, to act in soap opera, Shakira resumed her music career in impressive fashion with Pies descalzos (1995). Her notable work in the album “Estoy aquí,” “Pienso en ti,” and “Un poco de amor.” Is unforgettable, The album produced several hits .

Awards for the Pop star Shakira

Shakira continued her crossover success in 2005 with the release of the Spanish-language Fijación oral, vol.” She won Latin Grammy Awards, for her single song “Hips Don’t Lie”, It topped charts in the year 2006 (featuring Wyclef Jean) for the single “La tortura,” and Fijación oral, vol. She won female pop singer award for her vocal album

Ahead she won Grammy Award for best Latin rock/alternative album. A live recording, Oral Fixation Tour, followed in 2007. She performed in Hamburg, this concert was organized to bring attention to climate, it was a part of live earth.

The star might sent to prison

The pop star Shakira has been charged with tax fraud, this will sent her to jail for eight years. She is a Colombian pop star, she writes her own songs, and has produced many album in Spanish language, she has got many awards for her albums. In her trial she is convicted for alleged tax fraud. The solicitor have asked court to send Shakira in jail for eight years and two months in prison.

Spanish tax fraud

Shakira is charged with tax fraud, she is failed to pay the Spanish govt 14.5 million Euros in taxes, this happened in the year, from 2012 to 2014. The star has to pay the fine of 24 million euros to the Spanish govt. During the trial of the star, the lawyer said they would seek a fine from the pop star.

According to reports there are six charges

The details of the citation says that there are six charges against the pop star Shakira. She has rejected a settlement deal, offered by lawyer, rather she has choosed to go for trial, but the trial date is yet to decide.

Her expert in international law in London said in a statement on Friday that Shakira “The star has always abided by the law, and she has always cooperated the law, to support her the expert says that she is a upright individual as a taxpayer. The law expert speaking on her behalf said the Spanish Tax Agency has violated her rights. The consultant accused tax Agency.

Shakira is a Spanish star, and also her team of publicity agent is from Spain, the team earlier this week, said the star has deposited the amount, this includes 3 million euros for the absorption money.

Married to FC star Gerard Piqué

Her family is from Barcelona, she was married to FC star Gerard Piqué with whom she has two children, they used to live in Barcelona, it was 11 year-year long relationship, the advance man alleged the Grammy winner to pay taxes in the province. They said she spent more than half of each year between 2012 and 2014 in Spain. According to prosecutors she should pay taxes immediately.

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