The flag of United States of America

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The Grand Union Flag towering 23 meter high

When the American Revolution started, the flag was called up as Grand Union flag, or the Cambridge Flag, but at unofficial this flag was knows as Continental colours. This flag is lift up on 76-foot, 23 meter high at liberty pole, The flag was raised in Massachusetts in Prospect Hill in Charlestown in the year 1776, dated Janurary  1, It was augmented in nearby the headquarters of George Washington. There are fifty stars on the flag which represent the 50 U.S. states.

The flag was changed for 26 times

The design of Flag is changed 26 times, since 1777. Later ahead Eisenhower the 34 president of USA on July 1960 did make flag of 50 stars official in the country, and this has been in use for over 62 years. Before the flag with 50 stars came, the flag with 48 stars complete the 47 years time. Making the second highest time span of flag.

The Continental Colors, is the first National flag, when the America got its Independence in July 1776, the Continental Congress would not legally adopt flags. At that time The flag was referred as “the Continental Colors”.

The Continental Navy take up the Colors in the American War for Independence, and the America appeared as emerging nation. Ahead the expedient transformed the British red color to white, changing stripes on the flag. The flag was resumed in the year 1777, when it established the basis for future designs.

The Design of US flag look like British East India Company

The Henry Preble wrote a book History of the American Flag in the year 1872. The name “Grand Union” coined by the author, it was applied to Continental Colors.

The flag of USA, in that era, was look like, the flag of British East India Company. Sir Charles Fawcett the British Historian asserted in 1937 that the U.S. flag much look like the design of Company flag.  The flag of America can be formed with adding white stripes, to the design of British Red. It is one of the three flag was used by the British empire at the time. Yet, and The East India Company have nine to 13 stripes in the flag, and it was not authorize to be glide outside the Indian Ocean.

Benjamin Franklin has once given a speech on United States used the company flag. He Said to George Washigton, “While the field of your flag must be new in the details of its design, it need not be entirely new in its elements. There is already in use a flag, I refer to the flag of the East India Company.”

Flag Resolution passed in june 14, 1777

According to the flag resolution which was passed in June 14, in the year 1777, it states that: The flag of United States would have thirteen stars, and I will represent a all new Constellation. The Resolution clear that the flag should be with thirteen stripes, and with alternate red and white.

Several Act passed in USA

It is further looked that the stripes would be increased to 15 and 15 stars will be added to the flag, the Act was passed in January 13, in 1794 year, it will be put on after May 1795.

It would be one star for each state in the flag, this Act was passed in 4 April, in 1818.

Executive Order of President

On order of President the Executive order says that the stars should in six horizontal rows of eight each, and the point of stars should be uphill. This was passed on 24 June, in 1912.

The order of Eisenhower of date January 3, 1959 states that there should be arrangement of the stars in seven rows, it should be of seven stars each.

The Order of Eisenhower in year 1959 date August 21, put the flag in nine rows of stars, it is done nine rows horizontal and eleven rows vertical.

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