The exceptional artist, singer of Magic, Olivia Newton-John died at 73

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Who is Olivia Newton-John her biography ?

Olivia Newton full name is Dame Olivia Newton-John, she is British-Australian singer, actress, and activist.  She is Grammy Award winner, she gave five hits, and another ten top hits, which came in Billboard Hot 100, and also her albums, rated as number one. She has performed in Eleven of her singles and 14 of her albums, she has carry out her career, from 20th century to the present. Her songs, got sales of more than 100 million records, Newton-John is one of the best-selling music artists. Recording Industry Association of America has certified her Gold. Her famous songs are If You Love Me, Let Me Know, Have You Never Been Mellow.

Her family, grandfather moved to Britain

During that time the Nazi regime was a threat to life, her meternal grandfather fled with his wife from Germany to Britain before World War II, he was a Nobel Prize–winning physicist Max Born

Newton-John started performing at the early age, she was 14 when she formed a group named Sol Four which was short lived, she also came is Australian TV shows, the shows includes Time for Terry and The Happy Show, she performed a famous character “Lovely Livvy”.

Olivia Newton died in her ranch

Olivia Newton died in her ranch, which is situated in southern California, John Easterling posted this on her official Facebook page. He said: “she is a symbol of conquest her husband shared her journey with breast cancer” she was a amazing pop star, she performed in a significant role in the 1970s and and 1980s, she is Australian singer. The star died at the age of 73 in her ranch. Family reported on Facebook official page.

Newton-John was cast alongside John Travolta, who played an bad boy role, John played a good girl role named as Sandy Olson, who fall in love with bad boy John Travolta in the movie. Both actors played an imminent role in Grease musical movie, this movie was released in 1978. He persuade Newton-John to make her film debut as his costar.

 John Travolta tried hard to convince Newton

“To make agree Newton-John, Travolta tried hard, at the end she agreed she played a exceptional role as Sandy, the ultimate sandy, he told Merv Griffin on TV in 1981, I wanted this girl bad.”

She was not sure to play the role of high school student, she was 28 year old, when she played the role.

I can’t say no to John Travolta, when he came to see me at my house, I gone through the screen test, The Chemistry was there. Talking to Today show in 2019 she said I couldn’t do American Accent, and I was too old.

Many hit songs number and talent shows

The movie Grease was a hit, the songs of the movie was successful, the star Newton-John is from Australia, she came in the film industry when she was a teenager. She also appeared in a talent show, sing songs in local radio, she recorded pop songs in USA. Sung duet with Travolta, which was her best selling single.

Newton-John is a four time Grammy award winner, she won awards for successful tracks, such as Let’s Get Physical, Let me Be There, I Honestly Love You. And many other hit songs under her belt, her songs became stock in trade.

When she was shooting the song, she became cramped, Newton-John said when speaking to NPR in 2012. She said, I gone to the radio. while at the making of the song, she wore sweatband, leotards and legwarmers. It was her idea to make the song as exercise.

She gave hit after hit, like in Magic and other movies, she dropped from the movies to raise her daughter, she sported breast cancer cause, after she herself was diagnosed with the cancer.

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