Taylor Swift’s Personal Life Remains a Mystery Despite Public Outing

Taylor Swift’s Personal Life Remains a Mystery Despite Public Outing

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Taylor Swift’s Personal Life Remains a Mystery Despite Public Outing
Source: BuzzFeed News

Taylor Swift has been out of the public eye for quite some time as she goes on with her world tour. Hence, when she was spotted leaving a New York City hotspot restaurant on Monday night, fans immediately took notice. The sighting came just days after reports emerged that Swift and her long-time boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, broke up. Some fans concluded that the singer was deliberately letting them know how she was doing.

While Swift’s dinner companions have been noted, what caught her fans’ attention was her clothing. The singer wore an off-the-shoulder black top, heeled Mary Janes, and jeans with a crystal butterfly cutout. Fans speculated that the butterfly cutout might be Swift’s latest Easter egg as the singer is known for leaving hints in her music, lyrics, and clothing. According to one Swiftie on Twitter, Swift once told Entertainment Weekly in 2019 that she uses butterflies as a symbol because they represent leaving darkness.

The admin of Taylor Swift Style, a fashion blog that identifies the clothes Swift wears, shared the theory that the cutout was symbolic of rebirth and renewal, hinting at Swift’s usual return after a hiatus. Swift’s fans have come up with different theories about the possible meaning of the cutout, including the possibility that it represents her freedom from her relationship with Alwyn. Another theory is that the off-the-shoulder black top might be her version of Princess Diana’s black revenge dress. Still, another one suggests that the jeans were a hint that Taylor’s Version release of her debut album may be coming soon.

Despite the theories circulating on social media, Swift and Alwyn have not confirmed their alleged breakup. As such, the theories remain pure speculation. Nonetheless, it is evident that Swift’s personal life remains a mystery to her fans who only rely on public sightings and speculations. On the other hand, the butterfly cutout trend remains red hot, contributing to the sold-out state of the $673 jeans by the brand Mytheresa.

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