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Taylor Swift proved once again that she is a superstar by kicking off The Eras Tour with a bang in Phoenix. She performed for over three hours, singing 44 of her best hit songs from every era of her career. Her fans, who have been deprived of a live tour since 2018, had come in record numbers to witness her performance and it was worth every effort. Swift sang, danced, strutted and even changed costumes frequently to add drama to the performance. The stage sets, which included numerous stunning props, were as impressive as a Broadway musical.

Swift’s talent and charisma shone through in this performance, and fans of all ages could be seen singing and grooving along with the artist. Her concerts have always been well-planned and well-executed, but this show had an extra level of excitement and energy to it. The show was not just about the music, but also included an array of spectacular elements such as colorful pyrotechnics, synchronized wristbands, confetti and a curved video screen for everyone to see her perform.

The Eras Tour will continue for 51 more dates and fans all over the country will get to enjoy her exhilarating show. Swift, who is now 33 years old, is all set for a grueling six-month tour which requires enormous stamina, but she is up for the challenge. Even after the long break, Swift was visibly ecstatic about returning to the stage, and her joy and enthusiasm were contagious.


In the end, Swift thanked her fans and her entire performance team for making the night a memorable one. The opening acts – Gayle and Paramore – both put up a great show before Swift took the stage. Fans had a great time singing along with their favorite songs, and had much to look forward to for the rest of the tour.

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