Taylor Swift “first time wearing a cap and gown”

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The American Pop singer Taylor Swift, completes her degree at New York University, on this occasion she gave speech on 18 of may, Taylor Swift collected  honorary Doctor of Fine Arts, honoris causa, from the Academy. She arrives at Yankee Stadium to attend the commencement ceremony and she gave vigorous speech.

The songwriter Taylor Swift is a famous personality, she is a big name in American music industry, her partner/husband is a English actor, he is Born in Tunbridge Wells, kent England and Nurtured in North London, the Singer has sung eminent songs, she is queen of melodious voice, she collected a number of awards for her Singing. songs are “All too Well , You Belong With Me, Wildest Dream, I Knew You Were Trouble, Bad Blood, Blank Space, Love Story, Delicate, Shake it Off, Gorgeous, and Back to December”  The Grammy-winning singer and musician received a Doctor of Fine arts, honoris causa, it is Manhattan-based university. She gave well-timed opening speech at Yankee Stadium.  She said, “I’m here due to I sung a song called “22, “she said as she thanked the university, praised the graduates and expressed gratitude for her parents. This occasion became twofold, as it is celebrated with this year’s frosh student and scholar from the 2020 and 2021 classes whose ceremonies were delayed by reason of COVID-19.

I’m 90 percent sure the reason I’m here is because I have a song called ’22,” Swift joked in her speech.

On her addressing speech to the public, she said

“Today, you leave New York University and then you go out into the world searching for whats’s next. And so will I,” Taylor Swift says at Yankee Stadium

Taylor swift, joined the other students in the stadium, she entered the stadium in same Cortege, as the rest of the students, The students were wearing doctoral regalia. The singer entered with red lipstick. She plunge into the stadium with a hand swing to audience members before taking her chair with the rest of the commencement’s podium. The singer was speaking on behalf of other honorary degree holders, Judith Heumann is among other people who got awarded during the function. He is allocated Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters.

On her speech, , she said “thank you NYU for making me technically, on paper at least, a doctor.

“hi, I’m Taylor,” Swift opened her commencement Speech.” Last time I was in a stadium this size, I was dancing in heels and wearing a glittery leotard. This outfit is much more comfortable.”

When addressing the audience, and sharing her ideas, she gave advice to the graduating class of 2022, she described it as “life hacks”.  On her address to the public, she counseled the graduates to only carry the things in life you need. Be selective, ‘she said. She encouraged people that learn to live with “cringe”. She reckon that does’nt matter how hard you try to avoid cringe, you will lock back on your life and cringe. she said.

video link, the speech at the function

As a kid, I always thought I would go away to college, imagining the posters I ‘d hand on the wall of my freshmen dorm.”

“Nyu Commencement ceremony (taylor’s version),” Spanos Tweeted from Yankee Stadium.

Spanos is not the only one cheeping, Taylor Swift shared video as she was getting ready for the function, she shared on instagram

“Wearing a cap and gown for the very first time,” she wrote on instagram

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