Tampa Bay Rays: A Team to Reckon With

Tampa Bay Rays: A Team to Reckon With

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Tampa Bay Rays: A Team to Reckon With
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The Tampa Bay Rays are currently the best team in Major League Baseball with a 14-2 record. This is the best start in Rays’ history, and it has drawn the attention of many. Despite being long considered the nerds of the AL East, the Rays have become increasingly hard to ignore, and for good reasons.

The Rays have always been known for their pitching development prowess, and in 2021, their pitching was among the best in the league. This year is not any different, with a team 2.54 ERA through Sunday, and the team is doing it despite fighting injuries.

What has been different about the 2023 Rays is the offensive production. Last year, the Rays were a team that relied on pitching and run prevention. This year, they are scoring more runs than any other team in baseball, hitting more home runs and boasting an impressive OPS. The team attributes the offensive success to familiarity and comfortability with each other.

The Rays are not only winning, but they are also quite an entertaining team to watch. They have some very exciting young players with distinctive personalities like Randy Arozarena, who steals bases, makes defensive gems in the outfield, and has a celebration that has gone viral. They also have the impressive Yandy Díaz, who is ridiculously jacked and dresses to accentuate it.

The Rays may have started to grab attention because of a 13-game win streak to start the season, which was the best start in the American League in over a century. But it is their competitiveness even after the streak that has garnered them respect. With continued success, the Rays cannot be referred to as anonymous anymore.

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