"Super Mario Bros. Movie" Emerges as a Record Breaker Worldwide

“Super Mario Bros. Movie” Emerges as a Record Breaker Worldwide

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

The recently released “Super Mario Bros. Movie” has broken multiple records across North America and 70 other countries where it was premiered over the long Easter holiday weekend. The movie surpassed box office predictions to clinch $204.6 million in its domestic debut over five days and overseas, raking in $171 million, a total that amounted to $375.6 million in less than a week. Adapted from the iconic Nintendo video game, the movie’s premise is being lauded for its appeal to all ages who have played the Super Mario Bros. series and its spin-offs over the years.

The movie’s impressive performance has set several benchmarks in the industry, including the most significant animated film debut globally. It shattered the record set by Walt Disney’s “Frozen 2,” which grossed $358 million in November 2019, just before the pandemic crisis occurred. The movie is currently grossing the fourth-highest earnings worldwide for animated productions that were released during the pandemic era, during which studio houses Illumination and DreamWorks Animation have taken all four spots. Although expectations for the franchise seem high, its stellar start has delighted fans and critics alike and could be the first billion-dollar grossing film in 2023.

However, the Super Mario Bros. movie has not limited its breaking of industry records to the global scene; it has also created numerous milestones within the domestic cinema. The animation boasted the second-highest opening for any animated film in North America, surpassed only by Pixar’s “Incredibles 2.” It also earned the second-highest debut worldwide for animated films, pipping the iconic “Frozen 2” to the post. Additionally, the film’s opening in Mexico earned the highest grossing figure ever for an animation movie, while other territories also broke several box office records in animation and video game adaptations.

In conclusion, the “Super Mario Bros. Movie” sets a new precedent in the animation film industry, indicating that established franchises with an engaging storyline are capable of commanding enormous interest and earning substantial revenues. This movie’s performance has fueled expectations that creative use of popular brands in films could be an excellent box-office strategy that studios can leverage to guarantee the success of future releases.

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