"Speed 3: Horsepower" with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock- What Would it Take?

“Speed 3: Horsepower” with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock- What Would it Take?

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The possibility of a “Speed 3” has been a buzz lately and fans of the original 1994 movie are excited about it. While talking to Access Hollywood, the movie’s main actor, Keanu Reeves, stated that he and Sandra Bullock could only be brought back to the blockbuster hit franchise if they receive a “great script and a great story.”

Considering the massive success of “Speed” and its $350 million box office earnings, we could only expect something bigger and better from a possible third installment. The first movie followed bus 2525, the bus that couldn’t slow down and created a thrill ride experience unforgettable for many. The sequel, 1997’s “Speed 2: Cruise Control,” did not feature Keanu Reeves but Sandra Bullock did reprise her role as Annie, but the film was met with mixed reviews and failed to generate the same box office numbers that the first film had.

Fans of the franchise have created speculations about what the third installment would look like. Sandra Bullock, for instance, claimed during a promotional interview for her film “The Lost City” in 2022 that she is down to reprise her role if Daniel Radcliffe directs it. Radcliffe seamlessly embraced the joke to her response, telling her to not threaten him with a good time. With such fan anticipation and interest, it won’t be surprising if “Speed 3” goes into development sooner than later.

As the anticipation builds up for another “Speed” film and the curiosity about what could come next from the story continues, many speculate that only an updated twist and an original storyline could truly make the third installment a remarkable hit. The decision whether Reeves and Bullock would return depends on a powerful and memorable script that would do justice to their iconic roles.

In conclusion, the “Speed” franchise and the possibility of “Speed 3″ have caught the interests of longtime fans who want something new and fresh. With the possibility of new directions to take the story and refreshing characters, it clearly depends on the creation of an excellent script and an on-point storyline to bring back the much-loved Reeves and Bullock. With many eyes fixed on the franchise, we can only hope that “Speed 3” lives up to the hype and shows a new era of the franchise’s glory days.

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