Six of the Best Sandwiches in America

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Is there a food that can adore sandwich? It is famous and people eat it everywhere

If we talk about sandwiches one person might choose hamburger snack and other go for katsu sando or chivito, to meet the craving there is hardly any country that do not eat bread, they eat it with something stuffed inside, Americans love to eat sandwiches.

It is a world for all of us, looking for sandwiches, and traveling to discover sandwiches, is like traveling the world

To help you travel the next trip, and explore the world of sandwiches, we showing you eight best sandwiches in America

 Muffaletta, New Orleans, United States

Chef create this with Sicilian bread, this sandwich came into existence when Italian immigrants settled in New Orleans in the early 20th century. This is New Orleans sandwich, which is prepared with round, sesame loaves, believe me you can go mad for its taste, this can outsize your mind.

This sandwich has a appealing effect, chef use chopped olives, and some ham. To prepare this sandwich the expert adds, lots of several cheeses, this has a flavor of fontina cheese which is from swiss, this sandwich can leave a mouthwatering effect on you.

Po’boy, New Orleans, United States

This sandwich is a belly flopper, it’s a classic sandwich. The Po’boy sandwich get complete its name with New Orleans, because this sandwich has its roots with the people of New Orleans. There are some rumor that This sandwich was invented to feed the streetcar drivers in 1929 strike.

The history of this sandwich is woolly, but not the taste of this sandwich.

To prepare this sandwich, it takes oysters, ( or may be, shrimp and roast beef)  lots of mayonnaise, this sandwich is half done without French bread, to make it more delicious expert put lettuce, tomato and pickles. People those bite into this delicacy have a wonderful experience.

Cuban sandwich, Cuba/United States

This sandwich is an elegance of Cuba, Andy Huse in his book on Cuban sandwich have mentioned about richness of this delicacy. It a favorite food of Florida, this sandwich is in perpetual debate in countries like Miami and Tampa. Experts wrangle over its ingredients as well as its source.

Either you choose your sandwich with salami (Tampa or Miami ), cover your sandwich with boiled ham, pickles, sauces, and also put butter, this sandwich is unprepared without fluffy Cuban bread, this is a lively and economical feed.

Reuben, United States

This sandwich is invented by a local grocer, he was looking to feed the hungry poker players if you ask someone from Nebraska they know it. This story is connected with New York, hastily sinful sandwich, this sandwich was named after a founder of New York’s Reuben Restaurant.

This sandwich is also prepared with Swiss cheese, experts use dressing of Russia, you need napkins while eating this sandwich. It is completed with sliced corned beef.

Philly cheesesteak, Philadelphia, United States

While preparing your sandwich put onions to your taste, this sandwich is completed with swiss cheese which is low-moisture mozzarella, it’s a hot mess, it is prepared with ribeye steak, this is a flavorful sandwich.

Casuist demand the Philly cheesesteak is wrapped inside a sub bun. But if you want to prepare it for your home, the thick white bread is enough.

Lobster roll, New England, United States

This is eaten at the coastline from Maine to Connecticut, and you can find this Lobster roll in the restaurants across the United States. This lobster roll is prepared with lemon juice, mayonnaise and herbs, this takes all to prepare your hot dog bun.

New Englanders hold their humble lobster roll dear, experts adds lobster meat to complete this roll.

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