Roman Polanski Victim Reveals She Was Okay after the Rape

Roman Polanski Victim Reveals She Was Okay after the Rape

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Roman Polanski Victim Reveals She Was Okay after the Rape
Source: New York Post

Samantha Geimer, the victim of Roman Polanski’s first sexual assault scandal in 1977, has revealed in an interview with French magazine Le Point that she was fine after the rape incident. Geimer said that what happened with Polanski was never a problem for her and she had no lasting effects. She even argued that she did not know it was illegal, as she was only 13 years old at the time. However, she lamented how the case has been a burden for her, adding that “to have to constantly repeat that it wasn’t a big deal…it’s a terrible burden”. Geimer has defended Polanski over the last few decades and believes that he has already paid his debt to society. Polanski was convicted and ordered to have a 90-day psychiatric evaluation before sentencing. But after just serving 42 days, he was released and fled to Europe. He was detained by Swiss police in 2009 but was released after a Swiss court decided against extradition.

It is really disturbing to hear Samantha Geimer’s confession that being drugged and raped was “never a big problem” for her. What would happen to our society if all victims think like her? An act of violence is always a big problem, and perpetuators should never go free without facing the punishment they deserve. Yes, Polanski did serve his sentence to some level, but this does not change the fact that he is guilty and needs to face the law according to what he did. Geimer’s story highlights the importance of consent and how easily it could be neglected especially with minors. She also shows the society’s acceptance of the acts of some public figures such as Roman Polanski, which is a worrisome phenomenon that should be addressed properly. The impact of rape and sexual assault on victims extends beyond physical damage, and every public figure who committed such crimes should be held accountable.

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