Robert Saleh: Jets’ Metamorphosis Attracts Aaron Rodgers

Robert Saleh: Jets’ Metamorphosis Attracts Aaron Rodgers

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Robert Saleh: Jets’ Metamorphosis Attracts Aaron Rodgers
Source: New York Post

The New York Jets’ head coach Robert Saleh believes that Aaron Rodgers’ expression of interest shows how far the team has come. Saleh reminiscing with NFL Network’s Judy Battista said that the progress that the Jets have made since he arrived in 2021 is impressive. He further stated that two years ago when he first got to New York, the team was not close to where it is now. The Jets had an excellent defense last season, but they struggled offensively because they lacked the right quarterback, which resulted in their 7-10 record.

However, an opportunity has arisen with Rodgers on the trade market. The Jets have been trying to get the 39-year-old disgruntled quarterback, but negotiations seem to have stalled since the team is unsure if they want to include next month’s No.13-overall pick for Rodgers, who may only be available for a year or two. Other teams like the Broncos received a notable package including multiple draft picks for quarterback Russell Wilson last offseason, which the Jets may also need to provide.

Rodgers even said on “The Pat McAfee Show” last month that he “intends” to play for the Jets, but the trade compensation is the only thing that could stop him from landing in New York. Woody Johnson, the Jets owner, and Saleh visited the quarterback in Malibu, California in a bid to lure him into playing in New York.

Despite his age, Rodgers believes he still has what it takes to play and has expressed interest in playing for the Jets. Saleh is proud that the Jets have become a potential landing destination for Rodgers, and they are optimistic that they can close the deal. The Jets have made remarkable progress in a short period, and the addition of Rodgers could take them to new heights. The fans are anxious to see how this story unfolds.

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Ref: Robert Saleh: Aaron Rodgers’ interest shows Jets’ metamorphosis – New York Post

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