Remembering Brian Gillis: Co-founder of LFO boy band

Remembering Brian Gillis: Co-founder of LFO boy band

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Remembering Brian Gillis: Co-founder of LFO boy band
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The world woke up to the sad news of the passing of LFO boy band’s co-founder, Brian Gillis. The musician passed away at the age of 47, leaving behind fond memories of his contributions to the initial success of LFO. Brad Fischetti, the other LFO co-founder, first shared the news of Gillis’s death in a heartfelt Instagram post. In his message, Fischetti eulogizes his colleague, thanking him for his commitment and hard work that made LFO what it is today.

Brian Gillis, also known as ‘Brizz,’ will be remembered for his role in the initial success of LFO, whose name is an abbreviation for Lyte Funkie Ones. The boy band, whose rise to fame was in the late 1990s, sold over four million records in its early years. Brian Gillis left the band in 1999 to pursue a solo career, but his contribution remains important for the success of the group.

LFO’s success was marred by the loss of founding member Rich Cronin and later his replacement, Devin Lima. Cronin died at 36, while Lima passed on at 41. Currently, Brad Fischetti, the other co-founder, keeps the LFO legacy alive.

The news of Brian Gillis’s death has come as a shock to LFO and music fans alike. Gillis’s loss is a reminder that life is unpredictable, and those who leave an unforgettable mark on the world will be remembered forever. While there will never be a replacement for what Brian “Brizz” Gillis brought to the band, his memory will always remain.

In the words of Brad Fischetti, “Today I honor my former bandmate and friend, Brizz. If you watched the LFO Story livestream or have seen the band and me play it live, you know what Brian meant to LFO. If it wasn’t for his hard work and dedication in the early days of LFO, the first two chapters, the LFO you came to know and (hopefully) love would not exist.”

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