Pushing Morgan Freeman to New Heights in 'A Good Person' with Zach Braff

Pushing Morgan Freeman to New Heights in ‘A Good Person’ with Zach Braff

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Pushing Morgan Freeman to New Heights in 'A Good Person' with Zach Braff
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Zach Braff, the renowned director and writer behind “Scrubs,” and “Garden State,” recently opened up about working with Morgan Freeman on his latest film “A Good Person.” Braff states that Freeman is not doing this part for money, but instead because he wanted to be there. This film marks Freeman’s return to screens, and Braff pushes the actor to reveal his acting abilities in ways that haven’t been seen in years.

Written and directed by Braff, “A Good Person” follows the heart-wrenching tale of two recovering addicts, one being played by Florence Pugh, who share a tragic backstory and desire to heal. Freeman co-stars as Daniel, a grief-stricken father who lost his daughter to a fatal car accident a year ago. The film shows the toll time has taken on him, and Daniel’s support group brings him face-to-face with Allison (Pugh), the driver behind the accident.

Pugh’s character is now hooked on painkillers, and the once privileged life she led is gone. Both she and Daniel have a similar goal, to recover and heal. Braff worked alongside Freeman to push the boundaries and dive deeper into the character depths than they often would, leading Freeman to deliver “one of the best performances he’s given in years.”

Braff commented on the challenges of shooting a smaller budget film, saying that Freeman was used to working with more significant studio budgets, perks, and paychecks. This film was made independently and had a tight production schedule, lasting only 26 days, and Freeman’s health issues added to the pressure.

Despite all of this, Freeman trusted Braff and allowed himself to be pushed in ways he might not have otherwise. Braff reminisced about their on-screen collaboration as they filmed a scene discussing Freeman’s character’s model train set. The scene was difficult because a normal budgeted film would have built the set, but they created it in an actual New Jersey basement.

In the end, Braff is proud of what he and his team created, dedicating the film to his friend Chris Huvane, and hopes that Freeman’s acting inspires others to push their limits as well. “A Good Person” is currently playing in theaters.

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Ref: Zach Braff reveals how he pushed ‘A Good Person’ star Morgan Freeman to deliver his best performance in years: ‘He’s not doing this part for money’ – Yahoo Entertainment

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