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This article is taken from NPR website, HBO is back with premiere of Seven Kingdoms, it’s a recap of series, the episode contain spoilers for…well, for House of the Dragon’s Premiere episode.

The Story is taken from “Fire & Blood

We are back on our Dragonscat, long ago the person who recapped Game of Thrones for NPR, according to writer he has written a couple of primers at NPR. He has written to help us with the right headscape, after 200 years the House of Dragon opens events of Game of Thrones. The story is about 10 full-grown dragons, now the dynasty Targaryen is 100 years old, and the dynasty is at its height, the royal family holds the reins of the dragons.

The story talks about which happened long ago when the legatee of the Iron Throne will be decided, it will be decided at the Great Council of the time 101 AC. The story is about a, the castle that was ruined by Aegon century before, who is the Conqueror and founder of Dynasty, it is Targaryen Dynasty. The castle name is Harrenhal

In this corner: The King’s granddaughter “Rhaenys Targaryen” is standing besides her husband, whose name is Corlys Velaryon all call him with a name Sea Snake-in the film we will notice a lot more of him in the film.

In that corner: the Aemma Arryn is a wife of king’s grandson Viserys Targaryen, he is standing beside his wife, the Aemma Arryn is pregnant with their daughter Rhaenyra Targaryen. ( it is same characters which sporting the same long, Edgar Winter is coming.)

Rhaenys is older than Viserys,  the Great Council should pick the queen Rhaenys but the Council chooses Viserys, since Patriarchy is nothing, so you cannot predict the Council.

This movie features, graphical dragon interface

We see the giant building it dominates the skyline, it is here this place the dragons of the royal family reside. It is not Baelor which is not built for years. It’s a king place we get a dragon’s eye view of the king’s landing, Take it as a signal when the conflict of chief of House of the Dragon’s is clearly seen. It’s a sprawling worldwide clash which involves many far-flung Houses and kingdoms.

The Alicent Hightower is a daughter of Otto Hightower, we connect with teenaged Rhaenyra, who is friend with Alicent. The Otto Hightower is a Hand of the king. Both walk through the courtyard which is Red, Queen Cersei is queen of seven kingdoms, she turns into giant, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? board, centuries later.

The story opens like the show at the chess pieces, the Aemma gives the motherly advice to Rhaenyra, she is pregnant again, she says “lie back and think of Westeros” the king Velaryon is picked by the Council he warn that some cities are forming the alliance which is called Triarchy, and the officer Craghas Drahar, (who is named Crabfeeder), is brutally ridding the Stepstones ( Stepstone is string of a island ) of pirates. Put a pin in that; it’ll come back.

Daemon gives gift to Rhaenyra

The Targaryen who is a Daemon, he is sitting on the Iron Throne, it is tetanus risk alone. Daemon he gives gift to Rhaenyra which is Valyrian steel, it is same like the Dark Sister sword is made of.

The king’s wound cannot heal. This is something that is never picked up on the books of Game of Thrones. The throne is a not a place where anyone can rest. The coffers ( coffers is a strong box ) comes with a line item for Band-Aids and hydrogen peroxide.

The Otton shame Daemon for what he have done, Ser Otton Hightower is supported by the Price and king himself, ahead it will be a tournament, due to birth of the king’s child which will be a boy. In the first sequence, the Daemon is leading the City Guard, the king explain that the show of force by the Daemon will help protect the people. The attack to king’s place by Daemon will keep you stated for a while.

A new character in the movie Mysaria

It is a George R.R. Martin shows, we meet one character in movie he is Mysaria. Mysaria is a sex worker, a lover of Daemon and ahead in the story we learn that he is facing trouble landing the dragon, he is married to a lady of the Vale but he doesn’t care for her. he is a true Targaryen and a man of very specific, plantinum-haired tastes.

It was a tender moment, between king and his wife, he says he will never give permission to have her baby removed surgically. Due to reason of the surgery The queen dies, after giving birth to the child, a male, new to throne dies as well. We get to see the rites, it’s a Targaryen funeral rites, as Rhaenyra instructs her dragon to burn her mother

After the Tragedy, the council talks about who will succeed the king. Corlys says it will be Daemon, but others who is lead by Otto, says that she too cruel for the throne.

The king tells Rhaenyra, you are heir to the Iron Throne

King talking to his daughter, says that our ancestors should never have messed with dragons, because it is a menacing force and it is far away from man’s control, he creep and says after king you are the new heir to the Iron Throne.

The movie get a flashback of the king’s warning that the world will end with a great winter, we get a shot of the lord of  Winterfell, Rickon Stark, who is swearing the oath. Meanwhile Daemon and her lover Mysaria leave the King Landing annoyed. Daemon takes with him the Mysaria and she says to him that he will not go back as instructed

Parting thoughts:

Milly Alcock is playing the role Rhaenyra, she gives a layers of emotion rolling just beneath the surface, Viserys loves his wife and daughter, and in GRMM’s world, displays of tenderness are usually a signal that something bad will happen.

The House of the Dragon is a 2018 book, which is Fire & Blood.

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