Ozzy Osbourne has gone through big surgery

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Ozzy Osbourne has gone through big surgery

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne is British musician, and singer.  He is a vocalist for the heavy metal group Black Sabbath, he undergoes major surgery. Sharon Osbourne his wife was in England when she received the news of the surgery.  She will spent time with her husband, as the star is going through health battle of his life. In the episode of a show The Talk, Sharon shared that she will return to Los Angeles to be with her husband.

While the medical procedure is unknown, Ozzy is 73.  Over the years, he has gone through Parkinson’s disease, a brain disorder that causes unintended or uncontrollable movements. It is stiffness in the body, and also shaking and difficulty with coordination and stability.

Ozzy has also had issues with his neck after getting into an ATV accident in 2003. I am gone through neck surgery he said, he also shared his next tour, which is  “No More Tours 2.”

Ozzy Osbourne life

The star is born in December 3, 1948, Birmingham, England. He is a British musician, he runs metal group Black Sabbath before embarking on a successful solo career.

The star belong to a family of wage-earners, Osbourne did several low-paying jobs after he quit his school at 15 age. He started a band name earth with guitarist Tony Lommi. Later they changed the name to avoid confusion with another band, they changed the name to Black Sabbath—after an old Boris Karloff movie. The group developed a grinding, ominous sound, it is based on the blues. It has intensely amplified, and drew attention with its tendency to reference the occult in its lyrics. In February 1970 Black Sabbath released its eponymous first album and quickly developed a following in both Britain and the United States.

MTV premiered a reality show

ozzy osbourne - dundas news

MTV premiered a reality show that talk about life of Osbourne and his family. It is premiered on MTV, and within two months it had become the third highest-rated show. It got popularity on cable TV USA, it was very popular show of 2005. Ahead The family featured in reality series Want to Believe (2020– ) and Night of Terror (2020), both focused on paranormal investigations. In March 2006 Osbourne and the members of Black Sabbath were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2007 he released his first solo studio album in six years, Black Rain, and he followed with Scream (2010) and Ordinary Man (2020).

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