Apple launched next-generation iOS 16 iPhone, take a look at new features

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Apple launched next-generation iOS 16 iPhone, take a look at new features

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Apple has launched next-generation iOS 16 iPhone, to its operating system, for compatible iPhone models. From reports, and rumors, apple in their new launch have done changes and improvements across the system at its annual WWDC keynote event. The update on iOS 16 iPhone 8 software will appear ahead this year – likely in September – and Will feature upgrade to the operative system. Including an rebuild lock screen and notification system, along with improved and Redevelop apps for the system. You will get early access this week, and entrance to next version upcoming month, ahead of the public rollout later this year.

Better Lock Screen support

iOS 16 will put forward the substantial improved iOS Lock Screen in coming time with multi-layered customization options. Users will have access to wallpapers with widget-like capabilities and the OS provides users features like customizing the setup, and filters. You can use functions by adding widgets, for coming events, users can update their status through iOS 16 Apple. And picking up wallpapers through widgets by Apple.


Messages is getting a massive update, with the ability to edit messages. This is a feature that is offered on specific messaging apps, such as Telegram. Users can also undo sending of messages. Allowing users to recall messages – this is a feature also offered on apps like Signal, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Users can read conversation, and also mark messages to read them ahead, according to Apple. The apple users can use shareplay, the option allow users to view movies and songs. Company also gives you feature such as touch and play the songs, gives you control in the messages chat, according to Apple.

Apple Maps

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Cupertino Company will improve Apple Maps. It will enhance user experience with apple maps, and it has support to countries. Later this year — Belgium, France, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland. Apple has also announced the ability to multiple stops on Apple Maps — up to 15 stops can now be added in advance.

The while, people who depends upon transport can able to see update related to transport. Including the cost of travelling and transit card support in Apple Wallet. Check balance is easy now with iOS, and also you will get alerts if balance is low and replenish — all inside the app. Users can also take advantage of support for Look Around on other apps, to see Street View-like views of particular areas on third-party apps

Apple News app in iOS 16

People interested in sports, can have access to sports sections on the app. People from countries can follow their dearest teams and clubs, Access to scores, the date of the match and college leagues, according to Apple. Meanwhile, if you want to view highlights, and  if you look for exclusive coverage of the match. With the app, all users have access to sports, now you can follow your favorite football club, according to the company.

Apple Fitness reminder and Picture sharing

Apple has announced updates for parental controls, allowing parents to manage kids accounts as soon as they set up the device. You can create reminders on you iPhone. about your health, and sports game. Users can select specific photos from their photo library or a specific date range. Users can even choose to automatically choose who to share specific pictures. The new toggle gives you features with camera, the features are added in iOS 16 update.

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Apple release date “iPhone iOS 16”

Apple have launched a preview for the members of new iOS 16. Under the Apple Developer Program. Meanwhile, a public beta will be available to iOS users starting in July. Users can sign up at the company’s website. The iOS 16 update and the software features shown off at WWDC will be available later this year — likely in September — for iPhone 8 and later models, according to Apple.

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