"New Tag Team Champions Crowned in an Action-Packed Match at WWE Raw: Breakdown and Analysis"

“New Tag Team Champions Crowned in an Action-Packed Match at WWE Raw: Breakdown and Analysis”

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WWE Raw on 4th October 2021 had some thrilling matches that stole the show. One of them was the Women’s Tag Team Championship match that saw a new team emerge victorious. The Raquel Rodriguez – Liv Morgan duo shook things up as they competed against some of the toughest contenders, including Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus.

The match was full of high-octane action, with both teams putting up a tough fight. Lynch and Stratus started strong, with Lynch slapping Rodriguez right after the bell rang. Morgan soon substituted with Rodriguez and delivered a series of kicks to Lynch. However, Lynch fought back with her uppercuts and tagged in Stratus, who performed a spectacular hurricanrana from above.

Although both teams exchanged some impressive moves, Rodriguez and Morgan came out as the winners in the end. But things took an ugly turn when Stratus clocked Lynch and delivered a Chick Kick to her. The reason for her betrayal is yet to be known, but we can expect some exciting twists and turns to come out in the future.

Overall, the Women’s Tag Team Championship match was a nail-biting experience that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. The new champions have proven themselves to be worthy of the title by displaying remarkable teamwork and athleticism. It will be interesting to see who challenges them in the near future as they continue to defend their title.

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