Mohit Sharma: From Net Bowler to the Game-changer

Mohit Sharma: From Net Bowler to the Game-changer

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Mohit Sharma: From Net Bowler to the Game-changer
Source: ESPN Cric Info

After being out of the spotlight for a few years, Mohit Sharma made a stunning comeback in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023. Although he was out of action for a while, his dedication to the game didn’t diminish a bit. Working tirelessly on his game in the nets, Mohit Sharma stayed well-prepared for his moment of glory.

Mohit’s performance in his comeback match against Punjab Kings was a great reminder of his prowess as a bowler. He employed his tricks of hitting “an awkward, bail-trimming length,” delivering variations, including on-pace and off-pace deliveries, along with cleverly using the available resources of the pitch to make the most of his comeback.

From travelling around as a net bowler to being an integral part of the team, Mohit’s journey is a testament to the importance of hard work and perseverance. Mohit’s attitude, especially after missing an IPL contract at the auction, was commendable. Choosing to be a net bowler and staying involved in the game instead of staying home was indeed a wise choice in hindsight.

With Mohit’s comeback, one thing is sure: age, experience, and a few years away from the game do not diminish the talent and passion for the sport. Mohit’s story is an inspiration to all budding and seasoned cricketers across the globe.

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