Merck-Moderna Vaccine Shows Promising Results in Reducing Skin Cancer Cases

Merck-Moderna Vaccine Shows Promising Results in Reducing Skin Cancer Cases

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Merck-Moderna Vaccine Shows Promising Results in Reducing Skin Cancer Cases
Source: The Hill

A new study has found that a vaccine, launched by Merck and Moderna in 2020, showed that it can significantly reduce the chances of the recurrence of skin cancer when used with the drug Keytruda. This novel study tested the effectiveness of the vaccine in 157 patients who had high-risk stage 4 or 5 melanoma and were disease-free after undergoing melanoma removal. The patients who received the vaccine and Keytruda stayed cancer-free for 18 months, unlike those who only received Keytruda.

The study’s promising results paved the way for the Phase 3 melanoma trial, which is scheduled to begin in 2023, intending to expand to additional tumor types. The findings suggest that this combination therapy could be a novel approach to potentially lengthening the lives of people with high-risk melanoma. The vaccine provides an individualized neoantigen therapy, which can positively impact patients with high-risk resected melanoma.

Besides, the vaccine has shown mild side effects like fatigue, injection site pain, or chills. The findings have garnered significant attention within the medical community for its potential to reduce the chances of skin cancer recurrence in patients with high-risk melanoma.

In conclusion, the positive results of the study provide hope and encourage further research in using mRNA as an effective neoantigen therapy to improve cancer treatments. The Merck-Moderna vaccine could pave the way for developing advanced immunotherapy options for skin cancer patients, potentially improving their quality and length of life. Consequently, the innovative therapy combination could be a game-changer in cancer treatment, and it would be interesting to see how the Phase 3 melanoma trials will unfold.

**Title: Merck-Moderna Combination Therapy: Enhancing Melanoma Treatment and Reducing Skin Cancer Recurrence**

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