Los Angeles Rams' AGGRESSIVE moves towards a sustained run of success

Los Angeles Rams’ AGGRESSIVE moves towards a sustained run of success

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Los Angeles Rams' AGGRESSIVE moves towards a sustained run of success
Source: therams.com

The Los Angeles Rams chief operating officer, Kevin Demoff, has written a letter to the season ticket members, emphasizing the team’s pursuit of Super Bowl titles under the leadership of Sean McVay and Les Snead. The team has always made aggressive moves in the past, but the current offseason may seem different. However, the Rams management expects to compete for the NFC West division title this season and make a run towards Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

Demoff explained that there would come a time when the team would have to cut back on their approach to maintain their run of success. In the past, when the Rams traded for players such as Sammy Watkins, Marcus Peters, Brandin Cooks, and Jalen Ramsey, they had long-term salary cap flexibility to take on new contracts. If they wanted short-term players, they had extra draft capital to do so. This enabled them to make a Super Bowl push, which happened in both cases with Dante Fowler and Von Miller.

However, during the trade deadline last year, other teams were as aggressive as the Rams, and they found themselves lacking draft capital and salary cap space. The Rams organization had to choose between restructuring contracts and entering into a total rebuild in the next few seasons or replenishing draft capital and improving their long-term salary cap situation.

The team chose the latter path, believing in the skills of their coaching staff and the talent on their current roster to return them to the playoffs. The Rams now have 11 draft picks, including three in the top 77 in this year’s draft. They have nearly all their picks in 2024, which they can use to build next year and as capital to make trades at this year’s trade deadline.

From a salary cap perspective, the team has had to move players who helped them lift a Lombardi Trophy at SoFi Stadium, but they have taken all of their salary cap pain in 2023. They project to have more than $60 million in space in 2024, making it the most salary cap space since their move to Los Angeles.

The Rams organization aims to win the NFC West and make a deep playoff run in 2023 without taking a step back. The team’s Super Bowl LVI starting lineup included 19 starters that didn’t start in Super Bowl LIII three years prior. The team has young players such as Cam Akers, Cobie Durant, Van Jefferson, and Ernest Jones and a new coaching staff focused on great teachers and communicators. The Rams believe this plan will allow them to compete and contend for years to come.

Lastly, the Rams understand the privilege of being Los Angeles’ team and the great expectations that come with it. Their vision and mandate from ownership have always been for sustained success and multiple Lombardi trophies. Under the leadership of Sean and Les, the team is confident that their plan will lead to sustained success.

The Rams organization is taking a different approach this offseason, but that does not mean they are any less ambitious. Given their track record, they have earned the benefit of the doubt. The Rams are aggressively building towards a sustained run of success and multiple championship titles with a focus on the long-term strategy. They believe that this approach will eventually pay off with more than enough Lombardi trophies in the end.

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