Jordan Walker's Record-Breaking Hit Streak Can't Save Cardinals from Another Road Loss

Jordan Walker’s Record-Breaking Hit Streak Can’t Save Cardinals from Another Road Loss

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Jordan Walker's Record-Breaking Hit Streak Can't Save Cardinals from Another Road Loss

The Colorado Rockies beat the St. Louis Cardinals 7-4 to continue the Cardinals’ losing trend during the away games, as they suffered their sixth loss in seven matches. The Cardinals attempted to make a comeback with two runs in the fourth inning to tie the game after the Rockies took a 2-0 lead, but the Rockies immediately answered with two more runs. In the sixth inning, the Rockies effectively sealed their win by scoring three more runs.

A highlight of the game was Cardinals rookie, Jordan Walker, setting a new Cardinals’ rookie record with a hit in his 10th consecutive game when he hit a line drive up the middle in the seventh inning. Walker surpassed Magneuris Sierra and Ted Williams who recorded a nine-game hitting streak when they started their debut careers for the Cardinals and Boston Red Sox in 1939, respectively. Walker is now the first rookie to record a 10-game hitting streak in more than 110 years.

However, despite Walker’s record-breaking streak, the Cardinals’ losses continue to mount, and they have not played up to their potential during their road trips. The Rockies were able to pepper the Cardinals with 13 hits, turning line drive and infield singles into runs, while the Cardinals struggled to take advantage of any potential scoring chances throughout the game. The defense didn’t help much either, as the Cardinals committed their first errors of the season, and potential scoring chances went unexploited.

The road woes for the Cardinals came at a park known for quick leads disappearing, but it seems like it has been the whole game that has slipped away from the team. The Cardinals have struggled lately, and they have to step up and find a way to win while on the road. Hopefully, Jordan Walker’s record-breaking streak can serve as a sign of better days to come for the team.

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