Joe Pesci "Saved My Life" By Believing in 'Bupkis': Pete Davidson Shares Emotional Story

Joe Pesci “Saved My Life” By Believing in ‘Bupkis’: Pete Davidson Shares Emotional Story

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Joe Pesci
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Pete Davidson, the Star of “The King of Staten Island”, has revealed how Joe Pesci changed his life by seeing the potential in his upcoming television series “Bupkis” during a difficult time in his life and career. The comedy series, which was written by Davidson, is a fictionalized take on his own life and sees Davidson star as himself alongside Edie Falco, who plays his mom, and Pesci, who plays his grandfather.

Davidson shared on a podcast that he really needed the validation from someone like Joe Pesci as he felt he couldn’t handle trolls and even Oscar winners and Presidents shitting on him. He went on to add that getting Joe Pesci for his series changed his life and he owes him everything. Joe Pesci was able to see the potential in the series and was happy to be a part of it.

The SNL alum also shared how his prior career experience on Saturday Night Live had been heavily impacted by the public’s interest in his personal life and how he felt it was a shitty feeling. He revealed that he was cool with his friends joking about it but not when the jokes were made in the show that just dogged him publicly.

Davidson revealed how Lorne Michaels, the SNL creator, has shown him a lot of love, grace and leeway during his time with the show. He used to watch the cold open where you have political humor before a show and they just dogged him in front of everyone.

Davidson, who described himself as an already very insecure person even before the punchlines, said that they only succeeded in making him feel worse. Now, Davidson is trying to figure out what feels appropriate to share about his relationships going forward without coming across as whiny or ungrateful.

The story of Davidson’s struggle to gain validation and respect is important for many young people who struggle with their public image. It is a lesson that one should not let detractors get to them or influence how they feel about themselves. Additionally, having people in our lives who believe in us can make all the difference, just like Joe Pesci who saw potential in Davidson’s work, validated him, and changed his life for the better.

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