"Jeopardy contestant's huge loss: 'Dumbest player in history'" - A Lesson on Risks and Criticism

“Jeopardy contestant’s huge loss: ‘Dumbest player in history'” – A Lesson on Risks and Criticism

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Source: New York Post

Risk-taking and criticism are two skills we always need to develop, no matter the field. For example, game shows like Jeopardy encourage taking risks by betting big on certain clues, but contestants should also consider their field of knowledge before doing so. For Karen Morris, a veterinary student, betting $10,000 on a category she was not familiar with proved to be a costly mistake, making her the subject of criticism by viewers. However, instead of taking the comments to heart, Morris chose to respond with grace and perspective.

As a writer, understanding that taking risks is essential to creating compelling content. It can be helpful to take inspiration from Morris’ response to criticism. We should be open to taking risks, even if it means potentially failing, but also maintain a grounded awareness of our limits. In instances of criticism or failure, being able to step back and respond with perspective, like Morris did, is essential in building better performances in the field.

Pushing ourselves to take risks is essential to achieving our creative goals. At the same time, we should keep in mind to consider our knowledge and abilities to minimize failure. When criticisms come our way, it helps to practice seeing them objectively and respond with a thoughtful and level-headed point of view. These are key indispensable skills that we should look to continually develop as writers and creatives.

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Ref: ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant’s huge loss: ‘Dumbest player in history’ – New York Post

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