Illinois Couple and their Two Children are Missing: The Aftermath of Domestic Abuse

Illinois Couple and their Two Children are Missing: The Aftermath of Domestic Abuse

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Illinois Couple and their Two Children are Missing: The Aftermath of Domestic Abuse
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One of the harshest and most gruesome crimes of all is Domestic Abuse. Domestic abuse leaves scars not only on the bodies of the victims but also on their hearts and souls. This trend then becomes a deadly cycle that may lead to the whole family losing their lives. A recent case of this heinous crime comes from Illinois, which has left the authorities flummoxed and the public with a heavy heart. An Illinois couple and their two children have been reported missing for more than two months now, and the husband had already been charged with domestic violence.

According to the police, Stephen Lutz, 44, had been charged with Domestic Battery and consequently had an order against him to stay away from his family’s home because of repeated instances of domestic violence. These heinous crimes are mostly committed in secret, but in this case, the world learned about the abuse after the Illinois couple and their children, 11-year-old Aiden and 9-year-old Nicholas, went missing in February of this year. This case has again put the public on alert about the aftermath of domestic abuse.

The police have issued a warrant against Stephen Lutz, who is still at large, and have launched a search operation for him and his family. On February 10th, a relative filed a report about their disappearance, stating that they had seen a U-haul attached to a vehicle leaving the family’s residence in the middle of the night. The family’s phones have been disconnected, and their last ping was registered in Richmond, Indiana, which has set the alarm bells ringing for the authorities.

It’s hard to believe that there are times when people who are supposed to love and care for each other are lost in such a traumatic event. Domestic abuse is not only life-threatening, but it’s also an insidious weapon that affects the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of the survivors. As a member of society, it’s our social and moral responsibility to try our best to eradicate this issue from the root. The authorities can help us curb this deadly trend to some extent, but each of us needs to play an active part and be ultra-vigilant.

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