Henry Winkler Reflects on the Final Season of ‘Barry’

Henry Winkler Reflects on the Final Season of ‘Barry’

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Henry Winkler Reflects on the Final Season of ‘Barry’
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Henry Winkler, famously known for his role as The Fonz on ‘Happy Days,’ has become a staple on the HBO hit show ‘Barry,’ where he plays Gene Cousineau. Gene is an unlucky acting mentor who has suffered some of the most traumatic experiences throughout the four seasons of the series. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Winkler gave his take on the final season, from his character’s poor judgment to his emotional ending.

In the season three finale, Gene and Jim Moss are moments away from justice after finding out about Barry’s murders. However, in the latest episode of season four, Gene decides to take all of his experiences with Barry and turn them into a one-man show for a journalist. When asked about Gene’s motivation for doing so, Winkler simply says that “Gene is an asshole. Gene can’t help himself.”

Winkler also spoke about the bittersweet final moment he had with the cast and crew. He said that he had the honor to be the last shot of the last moment of Barry. In that moment, Bill Hader hugged him and whispered into his ear, “Thank you for being such a great collaborator.” Winkler’s heart “jumped out of his body.”

As the interview progresses, Winkler discusses his and Hader’s emotional roles throughout the show, and he even teases what’s to come for Gene in the final season. Winkler describes Gene as a “beetle that skirts the surface of a pond and never gets wet,” explaining that Gene always manages to stay out of trouble, even though he’s in the midst of it all.

With the final season of ‘Barry’ releasing on HBO every week, fans can expect an emotional ending to a show that has left a significant impact on the television industry.

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