Ghosts: are they real or just a figment of our imagination?

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Ghosts: are they real or just a figment of our imagination?

Ghosts: are they real or just a figment of our imagination?

Are ghosts real? That’s the question many people have asked themselves at one time or another. Some believe that they actually do exist. If you’ve ever felt as if there was an unseen presence in your home , you might be wondering about this yourself. This article will explain everything you’ve ever wanted to know about ghosts and ghost hunting. Information includes on what ghosts are and who they’re affiliated with, if anyone at all. It will also cover how to tell if you’re experiencing ghost activity. where they come from, why they’re here and more.

The history behind ghost stories


Ghost stories have been around for centuries and some of them will definitely make you want to stay in your bed after reading. In fact, studies suggest that ghost stories can actually scare people, giving new meaning to they’re everywhere. A study from Northumbria University found that telling ghost stories helps students get over their fears faster. They made twom groups – one group told scary stories while another listened to soothing ones. The following day both groups got into an MRI machine. Researchers asked them to think about times when they felt really scared and then try not to feel scared anymore.

Afterward, participants who had heard ghost stories reported feeling less anxious than those who’d heard calming tales. The team believes hearing spooky tales prompts listeners to confront their fears by imagining themselves in similar situations—and eventually desensitizing themselves to being afraid. If you’ve ever seen horror movies with friends and had nightmares afterward, it’s because watching other people experience fear makes us more sensitive to it ourselves (i.e., vicarious learning). So if you find yourself too frightened to sleep tonight after reading about ghosts, don’t worry; chances are it’ll help keep your mind off things like monsters under your bed!

Scientific explanations

Scientific explanations of paranormal activities

Have you ever been at home alone, and a noise behind has startled you? The next day, when telling your friends about it, they start laughing and claim that you must have imagined it. But what if ghosts were real – wouldn’t we want an explanation for them too? In fact, there is scientific research into these seemingly paranormal phenomena. One possibility is known as group hallucinations where more than one person witnesses an event that doesn’t really exist. This can happen to groups of people in close proximity (for example, on ghost hunts) and also to individuals who perceive sensory stimuli without necessarily being aware of them (such as with sleep paralysis).

If enough people report similar experiences then explanations involving external stimuli may be sought out rather than supernatural causes. For example, researchers from Canada and England found that infrasound can explain many ghost sightings – very low frequency sound waves which people cannot hear but which some humans are able to detect subliminally. When testing their theory, they played infrasound through loudspeakers in various locations including a castle reputedly haunted by ghosts. Sure enough, residents reported feeling uneasy and seeing visions of ghosts – even though no change had actually occurred! However, we cannot explain all so-called ghost sightings using science like this; some events defy rational explanation…

Actual paranormal encounters – first hand accounts

Anneliese Michel: The True Story Behind 'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose'
Anneliese Michel: The True Story Behind ‘The Exorcism Of Emily Rose’

It’s not something you think about every day, but chances are you have had some form of an actual paranormal encounter in your life. You know, one that truly challenged your sense of reality and made you question what it was you experienced.
Check out one such encounter in his own words: “I was camping once with my family when I saw a beam of light descend from my father’s RV onto our campsite. Thinking nothing of it at first, I went back to bed only to wake up minutes later and see another beam, an identical one to what I’d seen before. The lights came again and again throughout that night. When we returned home, we discovered that no one else saw them and we were unable to capture any evidence on film. What did I experience? Was it ghosts? Or could there be a more scientific explanation?”

So, what do you think? Does ghost really exist or it is just the extended imagination of our mind? Comment down your thoughts below and share your personal encounters.

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