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From Page to Screen: A Contemplation of Daisy Jones & the Six Season 2

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Fans of the hit TV show ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ can take a sigh of relief as it appears that writer Taylor Jenkins Reid has been pondering the idea of a second season. Having written the best-selling 2019 novel on which the Amazon Prime series is based, Reid is also a producer on the show. However, in contrast to other authors, she is relaxed concerning any changes made from her book to the screen, preferring to see the series as a “new version of this story. Here are new versions of this song. Here’s a new way to enjoy this.”

One major change that the creators of the show made to the source material has caused quite a stir among fans. In episode six, Billy (Sam Claflin) and Daisy (Riley Keough) share a passionate kiss that did not occur in the book. While eager readers have the freedom to picture those things in their minds, the creators felt the need to visually demonstrate the passion and “to really put a spotlight on that moment,” says executive producer Brad Mendelsohn.

However, the show has created a bright spot in viewers’ appreciation for it by placing the female characters at the centre of the show without putting them in competition with one another; it’s a refreshing contrast to shows that set women against each other. Reid establishes early on that the story is about women and female bonds, and the characters demonstrate an unwavering commitment to each other, even in the face of messy relationships and conflicts over the direction of their band. This resonates with audiences and underpins the show’s resounding success.

The show also reveals more about disco pioneer Simone Jackson, played by Nabiyah Be, giving her a storyline that deviates from the book. Reid calls this “the most gratifying thing for me to watch,” indicating that she was pleased with the expansion of Simone’s character in the show.

Although the first season wraps up the story quite tidily, Reid is not ruling out a second one, especially considering the impressive performances of Keough and Claflin. Reid appears willing to explore “whether [she] could give them another opportunity to dig into these characters,” but only if there is an outstanding and compelling story to tell.

All in all, the showrunners have done a fantastic job of bringing the novel to life, and fans can only watch, wait, and hope for a second season.

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Ref: ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’: Taylor Jenkins Reid Has ‘Certainly’ Thought About Season 2 – Variety

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