Frank Ocean's Coachella Livestream Cancelled: Fans Disappointed

Frank Ocean’s Coachella Livestream Cancelled: Fans Disappointed

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Frank Ocean's Coachella Livestream Cancelled: Fans Disappointed
Source: NME

Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated headlining performance at Coachella was cancelled over the weekend. The set, which was scheduled to take place as planned, was pulled from Coachella’s YouTube streaming schedule, disappointing fans worldwide who were unable to attend the show.

Frank Ocean is considered one of the most anticipated performers in the music scene. His unique voice, profound lyrics and creative shows have earned him a large and dedicated fanbase over the years. Fans were looking forward to the opportunity to see him perform at the prestigious Coachella festival after a six-year absence.

Despite the cancellation of the livestream, the headlining set took place as scheduled. Only those who attended Coachella were able to witness Ocean’s captivating show. It is unclear why the livestream for the headlining act was cancelled, but fans expressed their disappointment and frustration on social media.

In addition to the cancellation of the livestream, Frank Ocean merchandise was not made available to festival attendees. The news came as a shock to fans who were eager to buy exclusive merchandise from their favorite artist.

Frank Ocean’s cancellation was not the only disappointment for fans trying to watch the festival online. Björk’s livestream was also removed from the streaming schedule. The only performer scheduled to receive a livestream from the main stage was Kali Uchis.

In recent years, music festivals have become popular not only for those who attend but also for those who watch online. With the cancellation of the livestream, many fans were left anxious as they were unable to experience one of the biggest performances of the festival.

Despite the setback, festival-goers enjoyed electrifying performances from other renowned artists such as Bad Bunny and Blackpink. The first day of Coachella was headlined by Bad Bunny, and the second day by K-pop megastars BLACKPINK.

In conclusion, the cancellation of Frank Ocean’s Coachella Livestream was a huge disappointment for fans worldwide. The festival gave unique performances and experiences that only those in attendance were able to witness. Fans missed out on a historic performance, but they still found solace in the memorable performances at the festival.

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