Flo Rida's Legal Troubles Mount as He is Accused of Failing to Pay Son's Medical Bills

Flo Rida’s Legal Troubles Mount as He is Accused of Failing to Pay Son’s Medical Bills

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Flo Rida's Legal Troubles Mount as He is Accused of Failing to Pay Son's Medical Bills

Flo Rida, the famous rapper, has been in legal hot water for the past few years due to his child support payments for his son, Zohar Dillard, who was born with a disability, being in arrears. This month, he has been accused by the child’s mother, Alexis Adams, of not paying for the medical bills of their son, who sustained serious injuries after falling from their apartment’s fifth-floor window on March 4th.

Adams, who filed a lawsuit against the apartment’s management company, Goldberg Management, claimed that the company had installed faulty windows with incorrect-sized guards. Furthermore, she alleged that her repeated requests for the proper windows guards had been ignored.

The medical expenses incurred by Zohar’s recent accident have intensified the legal battle between Adams and Flo Rida. In addition, Adams accused the rapper of not helping with Zohar’s health insurance costs as per the court-ordered child support agreement that they were required to follow. These allegations prompted Adams to file an affidavit in August 2021, seeking a response from Flo Rida about the child support payments that had not been made or the reason for their absence. She claimed to have spent tens of thousands of dollars on legal representation and filing motions with the court for the rapper to comply or face being held in contempt of court.

Zohar has been on Medicaid, which does not cover the needed physical therapy for his recovery after the fall, according to Adams. Also, Zohar’s insurance was cut off in March 2020 due to a lack of premium payments, and Adams had to pay out of pocket.

Flo Rida has not commented on the allegations, and this issue has added to his legal troubles, which include an unpaid tuition balance of over $200,000 with Zohar’s school, according to the 2021 affidavit. Recent court papers showed that Flo Rida’s team had asked the court to reduce his monthly child support payment, and the judge will need to determine whether he owes expenses for Zohar.

In conclusion, the legal battle between Flo Rida and Alexis Adams has intensified after Zohar’s recent fall, which left him with serious injuries. The accusations that Flo Rida has not fulfilled his court-ordered child support obligations or paid for his son’s medical bills could worsen his legal and financial situation. Moreover, the rapper must answer the allegations, and it remains to be seen how this issue will play out in court.

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