Evacuations Ordered as Toxic Fire Spews Smoke in Indiana

Evacuations Ordered as Toxic Fire Spews Smoke in Indiana

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Evacuations Ordered as Toxic Fire Spews Smoke in Indiana
Source: CBS News

An abandoned factory in Richmond, Indiana, caught fire on Tuesday. The building, which is owned by HOFFCO, was being used for storing plastics. The fire spread from the semitrailer to other piles of plastics that were around the trailer. The firefighters had restricted access to the area, which made it difficult for them to extinguish the fire. Therefore, the officials warned residents that the fire might burn for a few days. The residents who live within half a mile of the factory were urged to evacuate, while residents outside of the evacuation zone who live downwind of the fire were told to shelter in place.

The state fire marshal advised the residents that the smoke was “definitely toxic,” and urged them to avoid exposure. The Environmental Protection Agency and Indiana Department of Environmental Management were called to evaluate potential hazards resulting from the fire. It was not immediately clear exactly how dangerous the smoke was, but officials advised the public to avoid it if possible. The cause of the fire is not yet clear, but the owner of the building had been cited multiple times for potential fire hazards.

This incident is a reminder of the importance of following safety procedures and regulations to prevent industrial accidents. It also highlights the need for companies to properly dispose of hazardous materials and ensure that their facilities are not a source of harm to the environment and public health. The affected residents and firefighters are in our thoughts as they deal with the aftermath of this fire.

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