Eric Bischoff Speaks Out on CM Punk's Potential Return to AEW

Eric Bischoff Speaks Out on CM Punk’s Potential Return to AEW

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Eric Bischoff Speaks Out on CM Punk's Potential Return to AEW
Source: Wrestling Inc.

Former WCW boss, Eric Bischoff, has weighed in on the news that CM Punk could be returning to AEW in June. In a recent episode of “Strictly Business,” Bischoff expressed his lack of interest in the situation, stating that he “doesn’t care” about the drama surrounding the former wrestler’s potential return. However, Bischoff noted that if Punk does return, it will make a lot of noise and have an impact, albeit temporarily.

Bischoff also took the opportunity to speak about AEW’s current product, calling it “flat” and “boring.” Although acknowledging that the drama surrounding Punk’s potential return is good for AEW, he argued that the promotion needs to create more exciting content inside the ring. Despite this, Bischoff asserted that Punk is highly leverageable and smart for utilizing his leverage.

While Bischoff labeled Punk “overblown” and “highly overrated,” he is aware of Punk’s impact on the industry. However, he questions whether Punk’s return is good for the long-term health of AEW. Bischoff argued that the promotion’s average viewer audience of 850-to-900,000 people is unlikely to be significantly impacted in the long run by Punk’s return, noting that in six months, “nobody will give any more of a damn six months from now than they do today.”

In conclusion, while Bischoff may not be personally invested in the drama surrounding CM Punk’s potential AEW return, he acknowledged the impact that such a return could have on the promotion in the short term. However, Bischoff called for AEW to focus on creating more compelling content inside the ring if they want to keep audiences engaged in the long term.

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