Ensuring Security Measures for G7 Dignitaries in Japan

Ensuring Security Measures for G7 Dignitaries in Japan

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Ensuring Security Measures for G7 Dignitaries in Japan
Source: Reuters

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida vowed to maintain the safety of the upcoming Group of Seven (G7) dignitary visitors in his country, following a failed “smoke bomb” attack on him during an election campaign stop. The attack has left politicians nervous and concerned in the run-up up to a pivotal election. The incident, which occurred on 16th April in Wakayama prefecture near Osaka, has led to a review of security measures for politicians during their campaigns, as social media and online propaganda contribute to the spread of misinformation, creating a potential threat to their safety. The upcoming by-election in Japan and G7 leadership events call for raising security concerns, with the Japanese government already instructed the police to boost security to ensure the safety of visitors. Heightened security frameworks need to be developed and implemented to increase the level of security measures to thwart these attacks, possibly instated for extended periods of up to a year in extreme cases. Such attacks on any country’s leaders should not be tolerated, as they undermine democracy and the rule of law.

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