Beginners blogging tips, step by step guide

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Beginners blogging tips, step by step guide

Blogging is a integral part of our life, either it is opening a small business or a large scale enterprise, Many people says on social media, that by following simple steps you can start writing, however how many are authentic, no evaluation.  Our life revolves around in search engines, social media, and

many other news websites, and we observe how they present, what are the headlines, how they give reason to stick around, At certain they follow techniques to get buy product, or service. Today in this post we will discuss simple steps, to become a king blogger.

The quality content you update on your site can bring traffic, and to bring, sales can be tough, also when you are writing blogs you need to improve on your SEO score. So there are certain factors that you need to evaluate, when you are writing blogs. Let’s find what are important component of effective blogging.

Make Your Target Audience

To write best content, and get noticed, you have to target your audience, and also confirm that who will read your content. Researching customers’ tender spot, and buying habits, it is important to know your audience. If you have problem targeting the audience, the company should spend some time on social media, at this point polls and survey are very vital source for your website, your posts should be audience directed. And also you must contests that who is the strongest, and who needs the product. First be clear that what content you will cover in your blog.

Gleaming Headlines

Most of us judge website by its featured image and through gleaming headlines,  one must make the most of these opportunities on your website, and work on to catch your visitor’ attention, somehow make them to read your content.  Use short headlines to convey the contents of a story, so they look for more content, create a headline that improves conversion rates.

Formatting a Cornerstone

Definitely this is a critical topic, so your formatting should not be awful, best way to avoid this problem, is that you write easy sentences, not make it complicated. Write in four paragraphs. Think carefully about your formatting and ask yourself, if you enjoyed the post, you will publish if you are visitor.

Add Visual Media

Finally, we will talk about the significance of visual media, when you are writing a blog, it is good that you add visual media at various points, where you believe it is appropriate. The images and videos adds extra appearance to your blogs, by adding images you content will become visually appealing and entertaining.


Blogging is important for all of us, so it become innate part of our life,  it has room for flexibility, I believe that these rules will help you build structure, that you will use for all the posts you will update on your website. After experience of two to four years, It will become better in your understanding of a content, and short headlines.

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