Chasten Buttigieg Responds to Bud Light Boycotters’ Protests

Chasten Buttigieg Responds to Bud Light Boycotters’ Protests

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Chasten Buttigieg Responds to Bud Light Boycotters’ Protests
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The recent announcement by Anheuser-Busch’s decision to feature transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney as the star of their latest Bud Light commercial has sparked controversy, with calls for boycotts and protests. However, Chasten Buttigieg, the handsome husband of the US Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, came out to counter the boycotters with his tweet about the protests.

“If you’re upset about a beer company supporting civil rights, you might want to start bottling your tears,” the tweet read. “LGBTQ people drink water, too. Gonna boycott that next?”

These remarks by Buttigieg drew lots of support in response to the criticism of the beer company’s partnership with Mulvaney to celebrate her first full year of “girlhood.” Many critics viewed the ad campaign and New Packaging from Anheuser-Busch as a move to push gender propaganda.

While there were several calls to boycott Bud Light products, others, like Buttigieg, also questioned how far the boycotts should go. He implies that protesting water next might be the next step since LGBTQ members also drink water.

Buttigieg has been vocal in his support for the LGBTQ+ community and, lately, against the GOP for banning sexually-explicit books from school libraries and passing laws against transgender drugs and medical procedures for minors.

The world needs more people like Buttigieg who are willing to stand in solidarity with marginalized groups and work towards a fairer, more equitable future.

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