Case of Polio after a decade in New York

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Life taking virus in New York

The disease which was removed in the USA, in the year 1979, found on Thursday in New York, at Rockland County. The viral disease can cause death, paralysis and neurological symptoms. This case of Polio came after a decade in the country, at first it was came in 2013.

This case was seen in a 7 month old, who travelled USA from India, case noticed in 2013. The government tried to stop the virus, the efforts are made in a decade time, but travelling people have brought infections into the U.S.

The patient is a young adult

The new case noticed in New York, the patient is a adult who have not travelled outside the country. He was hospitalized but is no longer, spokesperson confirmed. The person was seen with paralysis but he is not dealing with that side effect now.

The vaccination is not given to the patient, health officials said.

The case has been seen in New York the examiner are looking for how the virus occurred and other people might be infected with the virus.

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It is a Sabin type 2 virus

The virus is identified as revertant polio Sabin type 2 virus. The department of Health, progressed with the report, officials said, the type of this virus points that the individual who have acquire with old vaccine which has not been used in USA, in a ten year time.

While the experts were finding the reason of the virus, State Sen. Elijah Reichlin-Melnick said, the new case emerge in New York , it came from outside of USA. According to experts this case might have come from someone who have got vaccine outside the USA.

The child who was identified with virus in 2013, he had the type of polio found in the live form of vaccine used in other countries. As per the experts polio vaccines are of two types. From 2000, immobilize vaccines given to the patients in USA.,

The polio vaccine is given to children as a drops in the mouth. The virus is threat in some countries, the doctors recommend that the people who are not vaccinated get vaccine quickly

What experts have to say

“Many of you may be too young to remember polio, but when I was growing up this disease struck fear in families, including my own. The fact that it is still around decades after the vaccine was created shows you just how relentless it is,” Rockland County Executive Day said. “Do the right thing for your child and the greater good of your community and have your child vaccinated now.”

A polio vaccination clinic has been set up for july 22 in the country.

What percentage of people infected and result of it.

The Polio can be channel through mouth or from respiratory contact. Up to 95% of individuals seen with no symptoms, but they can spread the virus. The infected person can face nausea and vomiting. 2% of experience stiffness in the neck and back, below 1% of cases result in Paralysis.

The polio cases have been seen in the Middle East and Asia in the recent time, the virus is endemic in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The samples of virus seen in London sewage, the health officials warned people to get vaccine as soon as possible. The cases of paralysis are not reported.

Research to improve vaccination

The vaccines were first seen in 1955, later research is done in lab of Rockland County. The federal officials suggest four doses of vaccination. It should be given at 2 months of age, and at age 4  through 6 year. Some states require only three doses. The U.S. children are regularly vaccinated.

To know more about Polio, and polio vaccine reach to New York State Department of heath website and  Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.

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